‘Cyprus feels like family’ – Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt

Prolific Melfest songwriter Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt has spoken about the family-like connection he has with Cyprus at Eurovision.

Thörnfeldt wrote this year’s Cypriot entry Break A Broken Heart with fellow Swedish songwriters Jimmy Jansson and Marcus Winther-John, and Danish Eurovision-winning composer Thomas Stengaard.

Thörnfeldt also worked with Stengaard in 2021 when the pair co-wrote Cyprus’ entry El Diablo.

Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt speaking to The Euro Trip on the Turquoise Carpet | Image – The Euro Trip

Speaking to The Euro Trip at the Turquoise Carpet event, Thörnfeldt said: “We’ve been working so much with this Cyprus for so long, so we’re like a big family, so that’s why I always like writing for them also.”

Thörnfeldt has split interests at this year’s contest having also co-written Loreen’s entry Tattoo.

In 2021 he helped pen Sweden’s entry, Voices, as well as Senhit and Flo Rida’s collaboration for San Marino, Adrenalina.

Asked by The Euro Trip if there are any other countries he’d like to write for, Thörnfeldt said: “I’ve never seen it as what country I wanna write for. It’s more [about] who the artist is.

“I wanna see a good artist together with the song, so it doesn’t really matter so much about what country it is.

“I just want to connect with it.”

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