Subwoolfer film in development

A film about Norway’s 2022 Eurovision representatives, Subwoolfer, is being planned with the script writing already in full swing. 

Subwoolfer gained 10th place in the Eurovision Grand Final in Turin last year with Give That Wolf a Banana, and have had a string of hits since. 

The duo – known as Keith and Jim while masked – revealed their true identities as Ben Adams and Gaute Ormåsen during the final of Melodi Grand Prix in February. 

Ben Adams (left) and Gaute Ormåsen speaking to The Euro Trip | Image – The Euro Trip

Speaking to The Euro Trip ahead of their live performance in Liverpool this week, Adams said: “These things take time. 

“Subwoolfer isn’t just music, it’s become a lot of other things.

“For example, we’re halfway through writing the second book. 

“There’s a film script that’s in development. We’re [working] on our second book [and] the first one’s being released in August.” 

No other details of the Subwoolfer film have been made public. 

Since securing Norway’s best result at Eurovision in three years, Subwoolfer have released Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song), Howling, a Christmas song called Having Grandma Here for Christmas and their unmasking song Worst Kept Secret

“We are working on new music as well,” Adams added.

“But we kind of got to a point where we just had to sort of take stock and regroup and then keep pushing out everything else. 

“Subwoolfer is a bit of a world. Just because we haven’t released music in a month doesn’t mean we’ve disappeared.”

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