Lord Of The Lost rejected from German Eurovision selection in 2022

Germany’s 2023 Eurovision representatives, Lord Of The Lost, applied for their country’s selection show in 2022, but got turned down. 

The band won Unser Lied für Liverpool in March, but could have competed in the show – called Germany 12 Points in 2022 – 12 months earlier had the song they entered not been rejected by broadcaster NDR. 

Speaking to The Euro Trip, guitarist Pi Stoffers said: “We applied last year with a different song – a song that’s also on the album Blood & Glitter

“It was One Last Song.” 

Germany 12 Points saw six different artists compete with Malik Harris winning the show with his song Rockstars

Harris finished last in the Eurovision Grand Final with six points. 

Lord Of The Lost submitted the titular song off their recent album Blood & Glitter for Germany’s selection this year and were successful. 

“This year we thought: ‘Why not?’,” Stoffers said. 

“We like to take opportunities and we wanted to try because there’s no cost in trying. 

“We were presented with the opportunity to take part in this whole thing. If we don’t have to bend to the will of someone else, why wouldn’t we?”

Featured image – VDPictures

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