Beatles similarity inspired TuralTuranX Eurovision selection

Liverpool band The Beatles were part of the inspiration for Azerbaijan’s Eurovision bosses to select TuralTuranX as the country’s Eurovision representatives. 

TuralTuranX’s Eurovision song, Tell Me More, shares musical and composition similarities to works by The Beatles, the biggest-selling band of all time, but this was not the deliberate intention by the Azeri duo. 

TuralTuranX on the Turquoise Carpet | Image – The Euro Trip

Speaking to The Euro Trip at the Turquoise Carpet event, Tural Bağmanov said: “For us to perform our own song on this stage, it was so surprising for everyone. 

“We wrote it one year ago, so we didn’t even think about coming to Liverpool. 

“Then they (broadcaster ÍTV) said when we released it that it’s like The Beatles.

“It’s a great honour…hearing that [it’s like The Beatles]. But we didn’t even think about writing a song like Brit Pop. It’s just something that comes from our heart. 

TuralTuranX members Tural Bağmanov and Turan Bağmanov wrote Tell Me More together, something the pair value. 

“Representing our own country with our own song and everybody’s going to hear it, that’s an amazing feeling.” 

TuralTuranX are performing 12th in the first Semi Final tonight with the chance of reaching the Grand Final. 

But the duo aren’t thinking about success at the contest. 

“Forget about the winning and stuff,” Tural said. 

“We do like being in here [Eurovision]. It is actually an amazing dream.”

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