Martin Green proud of ‘strong and simple’ Eurovision slogan

The BBC’s Managing Director of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has described his pride in the “strong and simple” slogan. 

After the first meeting between broadcasting bosses at the BBC and UA:PBC in Warsaw in October last year, United By Music was chosen as the slogan by the broadcasters’ branding partner. 

This was the first decision made in the organisation process under Martin Green’s leadership. 

Speaking to The Euro Trip at the press launch of Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, Green said: “Coming back from Warsaw, that was the first piece of work we did. 

“Because we only had a short amount of time to do it, we needed a really strong and simple line. 

“One day the brand company came up with it and we said, ‘That’s it’. It’s so easy. Everyone can understand what we’re trying to talk about with that. 

“It’s a real trick but it means something. I’m very proud of it and I’m proud of how everyone has taken it on. 

“United By Music seems to have really caught on which I love.” 

Image – James Stack / BBC

Green – previously Head of Ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – added that once the slogan was decided, everyone involved in the organisation of the contest was able to get on with their work. 

“When we sat down from the beginning that we wanted all of this to be done under the banner of United By Music, it allowed everyone to just get on with doing what they do. 

“Basically, what we’re saying is so long as you can relate it back to that, go for your life.” 

Speaking exclusively to The Euro Trip last week, Lee Smithurst, Head of Show of this year’s contest, revealed that the choice of hosts for the contest was directly influenced by the slogan. 

“When you get United By Music [as a slogan] it becomes a good thing to relate everything back to,” Smithurst said. 

“It became apparent with Alesha, Hannah and Julia that one thing they all had in common was music. 

“It made sense right from the off when we put them together.”

Featured image – James Stack / BBC

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