Alesandra teases Italian language inclusion in Eurovision performance

Alessandra has teased the possibility of including live vocals in Italian at the start of her Eurovision performance. 

Queen of Kings opens with a short verse in Italian which was heard via a pre-recorded backing track when Alessandra won Melodi Grand Prix earlier this year. 

Asked by The Euro Trip if she’s thought about singing the Italian part live at Eurovision, Alessandra said: “I’ve thought about it. 

“But you’re not going to get an answer to my thoughts.” 

Norway’s representative was born in Italy to an Italian father and a Norwegian mother. 

She spent her childhood growing up in the small Italian town of Cisano sul Neva which is in the same province as Sanremo – the city that hosts Festival di Sanremo every year. 

Alessandra will be the first performer Eurovision viewers will see on-screen next month, as the 20-year-old is set to open the first Semi Final in Liverpool. 

Her performance is expected to stay largely the same as the one that helped win her Melodi Grand Prix in Norway.

“When you have something that looks great it’s stupid to change it,” she said.

“You can enhance it and do it better. 

“We’re going to add cool stuff, power and feelings.” 

Alessandra has released an Italian version of Queen of Kings.

Featured image – NRK

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