Fuld Effekt would sing in English at Eurovision

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix participants Fuld Effekt have said they would sing in English if they win Denmark’s national selection. 

Rave med de hårde drenge is performed entirely in Danish but an English version – Rave With the Bad Boys – has already been recorded. 

Band members Claus ‘Spytclaus’ Thomsen, Zac ‘Zacdaddy’ Dyrbye, Alex ‘Beefsupreme’ Dyrbye and Kasper ‘DJ Speakr’ Nielsen appeared on the latest episode of The Euro Trip. 

Asked if the band would sing in English if they went to Eurovision, Zacdaddy said: “We’ve already recorded it in English.” 

“We needed to try what it would sound like so we just did it and it slapped,” Beefsupreme added. 

Expanding on his bandmate’s comments, Spytclaus said: “We just went into this Eurovision thing with an open mindset and we wanted to give it our all. 

“When we were told we had the opportunity to make an English version we just took it as a challenge to see if we could make an English version. 

“So we did and it turned out great and we’re pretty confident in it.” 

Fyr og Flamme won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2021 with the song Øve os på hinanden and elected to keep the song in Danish for Eurovision. 

Explaining the rationale behind the thinking for going against the form set by Fyr og Flamme last year, Zacdaddy said: “It makes the song more accessible I think. 

“Especially it being rap music, we say a lot of things in the song and if you don’t understand Danish then all of it is completely lost. 

“We have this idea that if we go to Eurovision, why not show people a song that they can listen to multiple times and get more and more out of it every time they listen to it? That’s one of the amazing things about rap music.” 

“Hard genre, not dangerous”

Fuld Effekt’s music technically fits under the umbrella of different genres including rap and bassline but the band have given their sound its own name, DK Bass. 

The genre is not widely listened to compared to other sounds so the band saw Dansk Melodi Grand Prix as a springboard to take DK Bass to a larger audience. 

“One of the main reasons we wanted to compete was to get our music to a broader audience and to show everyone that this genre might not be so niche or specific,” DJ Speakr said. 

Asked why the band decided to participate in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2022, Spytclaus said: “The timing was perfect this time because Denmark is opening up again. 

“We feel this wave of bass music making it into the mainstream. 

“By joining Eurovision we’re also hoping to push the boundaries of Eurovision but at the same time take this hard bass music into the everyday man’s living room. 

“It might be a hard genre but it’s not a dangerous genre.” 

Fuld Effekt will perform fourth in the running order of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on Saturday (March 5).

Image credit – Agnete Schlichtkrull / DR

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