Gramophonedzie entered Serbian selection because of Måneskin success

Serbian Eurovision hopeful Gramophonedzie would not have thought about competing to represent his country at Eurovision had it not been for Måneskin’s success. 

Appearing on the latest episode of The Euro Trip he said that watching Eurovision “push them up” was the deciding factor for him to enter a song into Pesma za Evroviziju ’22. 

Asked when entering the Serbian Eurovision preselection entered his mind, Gramophonedzie said: “Around October last year. 

“When everything stopped [because of COVID] I was more in the studio and I started making music for myself and in different styles. 

“I was sitting with my friends and they were like: ‘You know there’s this Eurovision thing. Why don’t you go for the Eurovision thing?’ 

“Also last year the Italian guys, Måneskin, they changed the dynamic of Eurovision. I don’t remember that someone blew up that much after Eurovision. 

“They were really well known and I knew about them. I knew they had a few songs like the Beggin cover they did but I think Eurovision really pushed them up.” 

Gramophonedzie isn’t the first national finalist this year to reference Måneskin’s success as an influence to enter a song with the hope of representing their country at Eurovision. 

Ireland’s representative Brooke told The Euro Trip in January that Måneskin winning the contest in 2021 the same thing. 

Gramophonedzie’s song Počinjem da ludim (English: I’m Going Mad) is packed with drum and bass influences which is rare at the contest. 

Addressing this, he said: “I was like: ‘Ok, is there a drum and bass track ever in Eurovision? No! I’m gonna go with the drum and bass track and let’s see how that’s gonna go’

“Also the other thing is people in Italy really know me because I was really huge. 

“This year it’s in Italy. People are gonna know me there so let’s try something different. Let’s try something new. Let’s try something crazy. 

“I don’t think my song is a typical Eurovision song. I think it’s totally out of the box. It’s totally unconventional. Totally different.” 

Gramophonedzie will perform 17th in the second semi final of Pesma za Evroviziju ’22 on Friday (March 4) and again on Friday (March 5) if he is one of the nine qualifiers from his show.

Image credit – PGP RTS

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