Anna Bergendahl’s ‘Higher Power’ written in 15 minutes

Melfest returnee Anna Bergendahl has admitted that she wrote the lyrics to her song Higher Power in just 15 minutes. 

Having been sent the song by composers Erik Bernholm, Thomas G:son and Bobby Ljunggren, Bergendahl spent just 15 minutes penning the lyrics to the song she will take to Melfest this Saturday (26 February). 

Asked when the journey for Higher Power started, Bergendahl said: “So it started in September or August I believe when I had just entered my last year in medical school. 

“I was really busy with that and all of a sudden Bobby [Ljunggren] calls me and he says that they’ve written a song for me. 

“At that time G:son had a cold so I was reluctant to see him so they just sent me the song and I fell in love with it from the first moment. 

“Sometimes when I write them everything goes so smoothly and it’s like divine inspiration and I started writing the lyrics. The first line came to me, then the second, then the third and I finished the lyrics in 15 minutes. It’s like that for me sometimes. 

“Usually when I spend 15 minutes the lyrics are better somehow because otherwise it can become forced.” 

Bergendahl was by herself when she recorded the vocals and without access to a recording studio so was forced to improvise. 

“I recorded it on my iPhone,” she said. 

“I had the song in my headphones, I sang into the iPhone then I sent it back to them. 

“They put my vocals into the software they use for the production and somehow my vocals just fit perfectly into everything. They told me that is basically impossible but it happened. 

“That was another sign for me that this is right. First the lyrics came to me then my vocals fit right into the track.” 

Setting the record straight

Bergendahl is competing in Melfest for the third time in four years despite telling The Euro Trip in November that she wouldn’t be able to perform while in her final semester of med school. 

This is something she addressed when quizzed by Euro Trip presenter James Rowe on the latest episode of the podcast. 

“Well actually I was speaking the truth,” Bergendahl said. 

“What I said to you was that I can’t do med school and Melodifestivalen at the same time. That would be impossible. 

“So now I’ve quit med school I’m back in the game. 

“And actually I did a little wink at you.” 

Completing a trilogy of Melfest entries

The songwriting team for Higher Power is the same as the one behind Bergendahl’s two previous Melfest entries Ashes To Ashes and Kingdom Come

With this, Bergendahl thinks the qualities of Higher Power match those of her songs from 2019 and 2020 and that it completes the trilogy. 

“I think and hope that people will see a trilogy between Ashes To Ashes, Kingdom Come and Higher Power,” Bergendahl said. 

“I think there is a continuum there. It’s the same songwriting team, we have the same choreographer and stylist and creative producers for the number. 

“I hope that it will be a trilogy. 

“It’s kind of a mid-tempo song with a lot of power. There is some darkness there.” 

Anna Bergendahl will compete in the fourth head of Melfest 2022 this Saturday (February 26).

Image credit – Paulina Torbjörnsen / Freebird Entertainment

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