Anna Bergendhal rules out Melfest 2022 return due to medical school commitments

Speaking on the latest episode The Euro Trip, Swedish performer Anna Bergendahl has ruled out a return to Melodifestivalen due to her commitments at medical school.

Bergendahl first competed in the Swedish selection programme back in 2010, when she won with the song This Is My Life.

When asked by presenter James Rowe about her plans for the future, Bergendahl said:

“It’s the last semester of med school this spring, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

As Melodifestivalen in 2022 is scheduled to finish in spring – the final itself scheduled for March 12 – Bergendahl would be juggling the competition as well as her studies.

“Well I am too busy. I can’t do the last semester and Melodifestivalen at the same time. It’s impossible.”

She did provide a glimmer of hope for fans, adding:

“I would love to do it again. As you say, it’s really addictive – we just can’t seem to stop. So yeah, I think someday I would love to come back.”

The three-time Melfest participant also spoke about her desire to perform for Eurovision fans again soon:

“I would love to get to come out to Europe and perform for the Eurovision fans. I really miss doing that so that’s another thing I’m hoping to do.”

Image Credit: AnnCatrin Blyckerts

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