The Black Mamba predict a rise in English language songs at Festival da Cancao

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip, The Black Mamba have predicted a rise in the number of English language songs competing to represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Five piece band The Black Mamba, fronted by Pedro Tatanka, won the right to represent Portugal in 2021 after winning Festival da Cancao in March.

Until this year, the Portuguese national selection show had never seen an English song triumph, resulting in a somewhat surprising result for the band’s ballad Love Is On My Side.

Speaking to presenter James Rowe on The Euro Trip, Pedro said:

“[Winning] was surprising for us too.”

Alongside his work with the band, Pedro also works on solo music which he exclusively performs in his native language.

Speaking about first receiving the invitation to participate in Festival da Cancao from broadcaster RTP, Pedro said:

“I first thought that after 55 years of history nobody has won with a fully English song so I might go by myself singing a Portuguese song and see what happens.”

“But after three days [from accepting the invitation] I only had ‘Love Is On My Side’ written, and I thought to myself “Imagine if you win, it would be much better for The Black Mamba to go to Eurovision rather than myself.”

“So we decided to challenge 55 years of history and it happened that we won.”

Speaking further on the band’s English language victory at Festival da Cancao, Pedro added:

“Probably it was a game changer as well, you’re probably going to see more and more and more English acts throughout the years.”

Pedro continued:

“We’re very glad to be the ones representing that change.”

Image Credit: / EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

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