Pre-recorded Video Will Play Major Role In Eurovision 2021 Interval Acts

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Gerben Bakker has revealed that pre-recorded video will play a major role in this year’s opening and interval acts.

In the interview with presenter James Rowe, Head of Show Gerben Bakker explained that:

“We will be much more integrating pre recorded video in the [opening and interval] acts. Creatively it will be very interesting but also more secure, that the unique content is already on tape.”

Gerben Bakker, Head of Show

Mr Bakker, who has twice held this role at the 2007 and 2012 editions of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest went on to explain how the wider city of Rotterdam will be included in the live shows.

“Our biggest aim was to be different than earlier editions of Eurovision and to use our host city of Rotterdam as a second location to do performances.”

Bakker spoke about many of this year’s opening and interval acts, including the inspiration for Rock The Roof, where six former winners will all perform on Rotterdam rooftops:

“I was kind of inspired by the VMAs in 2020 when The Weeknd performed on a rooftop in New York. Let’s try to do this with previous winners in Rotterdam.”

Additional acts which will not be performed live inside the Ahoy includes an orchestral performance, which has already been filmed on the Erasmus Bridge. Gerben Bakker explained:

“Our classical orchestra, we cannot put them on the stage but what can we do? Maybe we can shoot an amazing video in the centre of Rotterdam by night on the world famous Erasmus Bridge.”

Bakker continued, adding:

“So we did that, we’re now finishing the video and it will be very impressive and I think much more surprising than our plans for 2020.”

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