Olympic Boxer helping James Newman prepare for Rotterdam

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, UK Eurovision representative James Newman has revealed he has enlisted the help of a former Olympic boxer to help him prepare for this year’s contest.

In the interview with presenter James Rowe, James [Newman] explained he was training every day in order to be in the best shape for Rotterdam.

“I’ve got a boxing coach called Ryan Pickard and he has boxed for Team GB before.”

“He says when he goes into a boxing match, when he steps into that ring he has done everything he can to be the best version of himself that he can… and I want to do that.”

Speaking about how he hopes he training will help his performance, he explained it’s all about getting into the right physical and mental mindset.

“When I step onto that stage I want to know that I couldn’t have done anything more to be the best.”

James Newman will perform ‘Embers’ in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song eventually revealed in March.

As part of the interview, James was also asked whether he feels nervous given the United Kingdom’s recent history at Eurovision.

“It’s a lot of pressure, but I like a challenge, it’s a fun challenge as a songwriter and an artist to do something different.”

If I do well then I’ll be really happy, fingers crossed.”

James Newman will fly to Rotterdam on Thursday 13th May, and is expected to rehearse in the Ahoy Arena for the first time next Friday.

Image Credit: Eurovision.tv

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