Theme Music Originally Planned Has Been Scrapped for 2021

Speaking in his exclusive interview with The Euro Trip podcast, Executive Producer Sietse Bakker explained the theme music originally planned for the 2020 contest will not be used this year.

When asked whether any of the organiser’s plans for last year’s contest would be used in May, he explained there were many things which had to change.

“When we started a new in September, we put everything on the table and asked do we want to keep this? For a lot of things the answer was yes, because we believed in it.”

“We also realised we needed to rethink certain elements, because it’s different times… it’s only appropriate to tell a different story.”

Addressing a question on this year’s theme music specifically, Sietse said the team believed they should make a change.

Earlier today it was revealed 16 year old DJ Pieter Gabriel will produce the music that will feature as part of the Flag Parade in the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final.

“We changed the theme music, you’ll never know what we planned for 2020. But we saw an opportunity there to take it to the next level.”

“If you are in a creative process and you create something, the longer you stare at it the more you will want to make changes.”

Sietse addresses many of the challenges of organising the contest in the midst of a pandemic during the interview, as well as refusing to rule out an audience made entirely of Dutch fans in May.


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