Live-On-Tape Performance to be Filmed on Monday

Norway’s artist for Eurovision 2021 is due to perform their live-on-tape performance on Monday.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, KEiiNO confirmed that if they took victory at Melodi Grand Prix on Saturday, they’d have to plan for filming just two days later.

When asked by presenter Rob Lilley how they would celebrate winning Melodi Grand Prix, Tom said:

“If we do get the ticket [to Eurovision], there won’t be any celebrations because the winning act has to record the back-up performance for Eurovision on Monday.”

Tom continued, joking:

“Hopefully there won’t be any celebrations!”

To ensure the 2021 contest can go ahead, all participating countries are obliged to record a back-up performance in case the artist cannot travel to Rotterdam in May.

When asked if KEiiNO’s Eurovision performance would be the same as their Melodi Grand Prix staging, Tom said:

“I have no idea, we’ll see.”

Image Credit: – Thomas Hanses

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