Sietse Bakker “would want to have the family complete” when it comes to countries competing at Eurovision

Speaking in an exclusive interview on a special episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Eurovision 2021 Executive Producer Sietse Bakker has revealed which countries he’d love to return to the contest.

In the interview broadcast on “Behind the Scenes of Eurovision” he was asked for his thoughts on certain countries choosing to withdraw from the contest.

“Ideally, being such a true European tradition, you would want to have the family complete. At the same time the contest has always been such a breathing animal.”

“If countries feel like they need to take a break, that’s up to them, that’s okay, but ideally you’d have the family together”.

In the conversation with The Euro Trip’s Rob Lilley, Sietse reveals he has attended every contest since 2003, and that year’s winner is high on his list of nations he’d like to see back on the Eurovision stage.

“I hope one day Turkey will rejoin, Luxembourg will join, Montenegro, you want to have all of them there, even the little ones like Andorra and Monaco, they add a great sense of flavour.”

Image Credit: Sietse Bakker

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