Jake Shakeshaft Describes “Horrible” Moment of Quitting Music

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Jake Shakeshaft has described the “horrible” moment of quitting music.

As one half of the duo Joe and Jake, the pair represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision in 2016 with the song You’re Not Alone.

When asked by presenter James Rowe what it was like to end the partnership with Joe and in turn his music career, Jake said:

“It was horrible, it really was. It was something I was desperate not to do, but in the end we had no choice.”

Jake continued:

“I adored working with Joe, I’d do it again tomorrow.”

Speaking about the experience in Stockholm, when the pair finished in 24th place in the Grand Final, Jake said:

“I’d definitely do things differently if i did it again, but that doesn’t sour my experience of anything – I enjoyed every second of it.”

When asked if it was realistic that he could return to Eurovision again, Jake said:

“At this moment in time, [music is] probably a hobby, its something I do if the mood takes me”

Jake also revealed more about the songwriting process of You’re Not Alone, which was written by Matt Schwartz.

“We did a lot of work with him and he’s such a character. In the end, purely because of Matt and all the ideas we were brainstorming, I think we ended up with about 48 different versions of You’re Not Alone.”

Image Credit: Eurovision.tv

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