‘Big change’ coming to Eurovision shows in Liverpool

Viewers of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool will see a “big change” during the broadcast of the shows. 

Speaking exclusively to The Euro Trip about the performance, Lee Smithurst, Head of Show of this year’s contest, said: “There’s one big change that we’ve never mentioned yet. 

“There is a big surprise coming. 

“There’s no way we can talk about it at all.” 

Lee Smithurst (left) with Sam Ryder (middle) and Andrew Cartmell (left) at last year’s Eurovision Openeing Ceremony | Image – Lee Smithurst

Smithurst stopped short of revealing the details of the big change, but Dan Shipton, Lead Creative Director of this year’s contest, agreed on the weight of the change. 

“That is a moment,” he said. 

Smirthurst’s comments came after discussing the on-screen graphics for the show, and what the voting sequence will look like, perhaps linking the big change to this area.

“We just want to do something bold,” Smithurst added. 

“It’s important to us that it didn’t look like other Eurovisions have looked. You never want to copy something that’s [been] done before or make graphics that look like the graphics before. 

“I’m a flags fan, and colours of flags are important.”

Featured image – BBC

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