Freaky For The Weekend originally written for female singer

Jowst & Byron Williams Jr’s Melodi Grand Prix Song was originally written to be performed by a female singer. 

Freaky For The Weekend’s lyrics were written by Williams Jr a number of years back, and it wasn’t until Jowst heard the demo that the track changed. 

“I actually wrote it for a woman,” Williams Jr told The Euro Trip. 

“It was supposed to be a chick song. I brought it to Jowst and he said ‘Don’t we have enough chick songs. Can’t we write one for the guys?’.

“We went back and switched words around and stuff like that.” 

Williams Jr is making his debut in Melodi Grand Prix this year, two years after competing in Norway’s version of The Voice. 

Meanwhile Jowst – the performing name of Joakim With Steen – is returning as an artist for the first time since winning the competition with Grab The Moment in 2017. 

Jowst also competed as a songwriter in 2018 with Aleksander Walmann’s song Talk To The Hand, and in 2020 with Magnus Bokn’s song Over The Sea.

Jowst wrote Talk To The Hand in 2018

“When my girlfriend first heard it [Freaky For The Weekend] she thought the title was Sieben Sieben,” Jowst told The Euro Trip.

“I was thinking about ‘Sieben sieben ai lyu-lyu, sieben sieben eins zwei, sieben sieben ai lyu-lyu, eins, zwei, drei’.

“Every time I worked on this song I was thinking about Eurovision so maybe it got me to try to get into MGP again.” 

Jowst & Byron Williams Jr will perform in the first of three Melodi Grand Prix Semi Finals on Saturday (January 14).

Featured image – Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

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