‘Huge responsibility to make Ukraine proud’ – Andrew Cartmell

Eurovision 2023’s Executive Producer feels a “huge responsibility” to make Ukraine proud of the shows in Liverpool next year. 

Andrew Cartmell is leading the BBC Studios team that is producing the broadcasts on behalf of Ukraine after the country was stripped of the right to host Eurovision due to the ongoing war with Russia. 

Cartmell was speaking exclusively to The Euro Trip in what was his first interview since taking up his role in October

“The most important thing is that we’ve done Ukraine proud,” he said in response to how he hopes he will feel after Eurovision next year. 

“I feel a real responsibility with that because we’re working collaboratively with the Ukrainian team and the Ukrainian broadcaster [UA:PBC] on Eurovision. You get to know these people and you know the situation they’re in. 

“Talking about Eurovision being a big family, one of my good friends from Eurovision is someone I met in Moscow in 2009; a Ukrainian guy who was working with a different delegation at the time. So I’m aware of what he’s been going through over the last year or so. So I feel a huge sense of responsibility that we make Ukraine proud of the shows that we put on.” 

In a wide-ranging interview, Cartmell also discussed the decisions he’s currently making in his role to make sure the project is delivered on time. 

“At this stage we’re talking about who the presenter lineup will be.” Pressed further on whether this decision has been made, he laughed and said: “I’m not going to comment on that.” 

Other work currently in progress include finalising the set design, camera plans and lighting designs. 

“There’s obviously all the films, the VTs, the interval act performances so Lee [Smithurst, Head of Show] and I are working together on those. As you can imagine, it’s huge. We’ve got a team that’s steadily getting more and more people working on the shows.”

Featured image – Alamy

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