Eurovision 2023 will aim to recreate national pride of London 2012 Olympics

Eurovision 2023’s Head of Show wants to replicate the feeling of national pride that Britons felt during the Olympic Games in 2012. 

Lee Smithurst is taking on the job of Head of Show for the first time after the BBC was chosen as the host broadcaster of the 2023 contest. 

Speaking exclusively to The Euro Trip, Smithurst said: “I just want to try to create that feeling that we had in the UK around the Olympics where you feel proud of something that you can see that reflects your country, and also the production values of a BBC entertainment spectacle.

“Not to put any pressure on ourselves, the team that are assembled are right at the top of their game.” 

Last month it was announced that Martin Green would act as Managing Director of the BBC’s organisation of Eurovision 2023. Green, who most recently worked on the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham as Chief Creative Officer, was Head of Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. 

He is joined in the BBC’s senior production team by James O’Brien who also worked on delivering London 2012 and Birmingham 2022. 

The Olympic Games in 2012 were a roaring success for the BBC with television audiences reaching their highest levels since current recording systems began. 90% of the UK population watched at least 15 minutes of the BBC’s coverage of the Games. 

National pride was proven to have risen as a result of the Olympics in 2012. A survey carried out by Freeview at the end of the Games showed that 75% of Britons felt proud to be British. 

British public opinion organisation YouGov’s most recent polling on national pride found that only 32% were “very proud” to be British.

Image – EBU / Corinne Cumming

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