Sam Ryder’s “Space Man” performance almost looked very different

Speaking on a recently released bonus episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Creative Director Dan Shipton has revealed the original plan for the staging of ‘Space Man’ at Eurovision 2022.

In the episode, Dan, whose company BlackSkull Creative has previously worked on many Eurovision performances for the BBC and others, gave an insight into the first idea given to TAP Music, the BBC, and Sam Ryder.

As part of the conversation The Euro Trip presenter Rob Lilley asked how the staging came together, and when discussions had started with the UK delegation.

“The first drawing which I have, is a dome” explained Dan.

“We started with a dome, and this was the first thing we presented to Sam [Ryder] and to the label [TAP Music], and to Ben [Mawson].

“Sam said ‘I love all of it, but I want to be Kanye [West]. I want to be cool, I want to be modern, I want to be futuristic, I want to have my band with me.”

Image credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

After these initial discussions the staging was changed to better reflect the structure that was seen on stage in May, although there were still some adaptations made even after arriving in Italy.

“We had this idea of a man that crashed down on a planet… through all of these references of old British movies we came up with that shape.

“Originally there were four parts to it [the stage], we took four to Turin… then in that first technical rehearsal we cut it… the fourth piece.”

Dan also opened up, sharing his emotions after the Grand Final when the result became clear and the United Kingdom were announced as the Jury winner, and runner-up at the contest.

“I feel really emotional just talking about it actually, because it was just such a moment.

“I remember people from other delegations coming up to us and shaking our hands, and that never happens…

“It felt so good, it felt so planned. Better than we could have ever imagined.”

You can listen to the full interview on this week’s Euro Trip podcast by clicking the player below:

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