‘The region we were working from was shelled after Eurovision’ – Timur Miroshnychenko

Ukraine’s Eurovision commentator had to stay in a bomb shelter after the Grand Final because of Russian shelling nearby. 

Speaking to The Euro Trip’s Rob Lilley, Timur Miroshnychenko revealed that he stayed in the bomb shelter he was commentating from until 6am the following morning due to constant air raid sirens warning of imminent attacks. 

“We get used to bomb shelters; it’s absolutely normal for us,” Miroshnychenko laughed. 

“Before the second Semi-Final [there were] air raid alerts in the region and just after the Grand Final [there were] huge air raid alerts all around Ukraine. We were joking Mr Putin decided to congratulate us with the victory. 

“We were in the shelter on the night after the Grand Final until 6am because the region we’ve been working from was shelled that night.” 

Videos of Miroshnychenko’s commentary during the moment Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest were widely circulated online and showed the far from normal surroundings of his commentary setup. 

His passion for Ukraine’s victory was clearly visible and audible which is why he dedicated Kalush Orchestra’s win to his country’s armed forces. 

“First of all I said that this victory is dedicated to the armed forces of Ukraine,” Miroshnychenko said when asked how he explained the events to Ukrainian viewers. 

“Because of their heroism we’ve had an opportunity to participate this year and we’ve had the opportunity to vote and to be with all of the free world.

“On February 24 all of us didn’t think about Eurovision, we just thought about how to stay alive, how to get our families, relatives and kids to safer places. 

“In May just two and a half months after that date we are there and right now we might even think where to host Eurovision next year. That’s why I said this victory is 100% dedicated to the armed forces of Ukraine. That was my main message.” 

Miroshnychenko is the face and voice of Eurovision in Ukraine having commentated on the contest since 2007 and even hosted the event when it was held in Kyiv five years ago. 

“We are very serious about Eurovision,” he explained. 

“Every year we have a wonderful national selection with so many talented artists who are trying to do their best to show their talents to Ukraine and to Europe. Year by year we are just raising this interest, especially after this year.”

Image credit – EBU

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