The Rasmus planning “live music video” stage performance in Turin

The Rasmus’ lead singer Lauri Ylönen has shared more details on what fans can expect from their live performance on stage at next month’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Speaking in an interview on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Ylönen remained tight-lipped when asked for more details from presenter James Rowe, but did give some insight into their plans for their Eurovision performance.

“It is going to be new, there’s a lot of elements going on.

“It’s such a great chance to create something like this, I consider it to be a sort of live music video… you can plan all the camera moments.

“It’s going to look like it was improvised, but we are going to put some thought into it.”

The Rasmus are competing at the competition after winning Finnish national selection UMK earlier this year, and say they have big hopes of claiming a good result in Italy.

“We are there to win, but last weekend meeting a lot of these fellow musicians and artists was so much fun. Hanging out with them, learning about their cultures and backgrounds.

“It’s such a wonderful thing to be in the same place with these people.”

Finland will open the second semi-final on 12th May with their song “Jezebel”.

Listen to Lauri’s full chat with James on this week’s episode of The Euro Trip podcast by clicking on the player below:

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