‘Circles’ written 18 months ago with no Eurovision consideration

North Macedonia’s Eurovision representative Andrea has told The Euro Trip that her entry wasn’t written with participation in mind. 

Andrea will compete for her country with the song Circles that she won the national selection show – Za Evrosong 2022 – with in February. 

Despite entering the song into the selection it was written 18 months prior with no initial Eurovision considerations. 

“Circles was written like a year and a half ago,” Andrea said.  

“It was definitely not written for Eurovision. I was going through a difficult time, so I’m glad I found an outlet like music that I can do it [talk about my feelings] without judgement”. 

When the composition of Circles was coming together Andrea admits that she knew that there was something special in it. 

“That’s why we didn’t release it. 

“Because we knew subconsciously that it was for something special and when the opportunity for Eurovision this year came, we thought maybe we should send it.” 

Andrea’s approach to the songwriting of her entry was in direct comparison to Lauri Ylönen from The Rasmus who told The Euro Trip back in January that he wrote his band’s song Jezebel with Eurovision in mind. 

“We did write a song for Eurovision but it’s too pretentious when you write a song for a particular thing,” Andrea added. 

“So we wanted to go with a natural song which was Circles and I couldn’t be happier.

“It’s not going to go to waste, we’re going to arrange it differently. We’re going to release it but it’ll be a different vibe [to Circles].”

Image credit – Martin Trajanovski

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