“My goal is to qualify” – Brooke

Ireland’s Eurovision representative Brooke has conceded that her ultimate goal in Turin would be to qualify for the event’s Grand Final. 

Brooke is performing her song That’s Rich in Semi Final 1 on May 12 and is hoping to qualify to the Grand Final two days later. 

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip, Brooke said: “My goal is to qualify, that is my 100% goal. 

“Everybody asks me when is Eurovision, I say ‘well if I get there it’s the 14th of May but I’m on the 12th of May because you cant forget there’s semi finals as well’. 

“For me to qualify it would be massive, my country hasn’t done that in a while, and I feel like it could be our year.” 

Ireland has not qualified for the Grand Final since 2018 when it was represented by Ryan O’Shaughnessy with his song Together

Brooke has taken on feedback from fans after initially releasing That’s Rich in January and went on to remaster the track based on consumer comments. With that, she is treating Eurovision as an event for everyone, not just her. 

Asked what it would mean to qualify, Brooke said: “That would be really, really amazing. 

“It wouldn’t be for me. Everything I’ve done in this competition so far, remastering the song, listening to everybody, I want to hear your feedback. This is my competition as much as it’s your competition. Everything we do is going to be together. 

“I just want to make everybody proud. There’s a lot of people who have put a lot into this, everybody wants me to do well and I feel like if I qualify that’s a big thank you to them and everybody.

“It would be my chance to give back to them, everybody benefits from that, not just me.”

Image credit – Ruth Medjber

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