“Cornelia has a bigger shot in Europe than I do” – Anders Bagge

Runner-up of Melodifestivalen 2022 Anders Bagge has admitted that the competition’s winner Cornelia Jakobs has better chances at Eurovision than he would have. 

Bagge was speaking to The Euro Trip live in Stockholm minutes after finishing second in his first Melfest appearance. 

“I am the most happiest second placer on earth,” Bagge said. 

“That is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in my life. I try to tell it like this, it’s a little bit like when you had your first number one.

“Coming in second place was the best thing that could happen to me because I believe in my heart that Cornelia has a bigger shot in Europe than I do.” 

The 54-year-old fan favourite dominated the public vote in the Melfest final securing 90 out of a possible 96 points. 

The reaction in the Friends Arena when Bagge was performing Bigger Than the Universe was audibly the loudest for any competitor in the final. 

Reacting to the public reception he got, Bagge said: “You know when you kiss a woman for the first time? That feeling times 27,000. It’s quite a good feeling, it’s really crazy.” 

Possible Adele duet?

Bagge spoke also about what’s on the cards for him now after successfully launching his solo career. 

“I think also I feel I’m gonna do my own record and release it. 

“I’m a piano player, it will be much [like] Adele. It’s good songs, they have a lot of passion in them. And Adele is one of my biggest favourites, so I will honour a lot of different people with my songs. 

“I’m telling you Adele, if you wanna sing a duet with me, I said no to Celine Dion, will you say yes? Adele, do you wanna do a duet with me?”

Image credit – The Euro Trip

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