Eurovision movie inspired Elina Nechayeva Eesti Laul return

Estonia’s 2018 representative Elina Nechayeva has admitted that the 2020 Eurovision movie inspired her to attempt a return to the contest.

Netflix’s Original movie The Story of Fire Saga was released in the summer of 2020 to mixed reviews among critics but won Eurovision fans over with cameos from a number of past participants, including Nechayeva herself.

Speaking to The Euro Trip presenter Rob Lilley, Nechayeva said: “I watched it and I thought ‘Oh my god, this is so much fun!’ and so many wonderful memories came back to me.

“I would be so happy to repeat these things”

Nechayeva did concede that another reason for returning to Eesti Laul was the platform the Estonian selection gives artists with new music.

“Of course in Estonia if you write new music and new songs, the best place to introduce these things to a new audience is Eesti Laul.”

Nechayeva is returning to Eesti Laul for the first time since her triumph in the selection show in 2018 with the song La Forza. She subsequently secured eighth place in the Grand Final of Eurovision.

Written by Sven Lõhmus – the man behind Estonia’s highest placing entry at Eurovision in the last 15 years, Rändajad – Nechayeva will sing Remedy in the first Semi Final of Eesti Laul next week.

Speaking about her staging for Eesti Laul this year, Nechayeva said: “I think it’s going to be very exciting… I think I’m going to fly.

“We had some new ideas, interesting additions to the show, so I have to modify my dress so it works with all the things we are going to plan there.”

Image Credit – Andreas Putting

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