Destiny Believes Her Country’s Size Could Impact Televote Score

Speaking in the latest episode of The Euro Trip Podcast, Malta’s representative, Destiny, explained she believes the size of her country may count against her at Eurovision.

In an interview with presenter James Rowe, she explained that despite being the current favourite to win the contest with bookmakers, that doesn’t mean anything to her.

“I am not expecting anything, especially not to win. I’m going there to give my best performance and then whatever happens happens.

“I know how small we are as a country, and it’s difficult when it comes to televoting.”

In 2019 Malta received just 20 points from the televote, compared to 87 from the Jury.

Destiny also explained when work had started on her entry “Je me casse” last year.

“After the Eurovision got cancelled we immediately started working on new songs because obviously we wanted an amazing entry this year. I was focusing more on my own music, rather than Eurovision itself.

“After summer we started working on having the best song that we could possibly have, and then Je me Casse came along as I was like, I need this song.”

Destiny will perform last in the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, with the event due to take place in Rotterdam on the 18th, 20th and 22nd May.

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