Albert Černý “prayed” not to win Szansa na Sukces

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Albert Černý has spoken about the reasons for competing in the 2020 edition of Szansa na Sukces.

As the frontman of the band Lake Malawi, Albert represented the Czech Republic at Eurovision in 2019, finishing in 11th place in the Grand Final. In February 2020, Albert, who is half Polish, found himself taking part in the third semi final of Szansa na Sukces, Poland’s national selection for Eurovision.

Recalling the reasoning behind his participation, Albert said:

“We had a manager in Poland and he said “you should apply [for the show], it’s good PR.””

Albert responded to his manager, saying:

“I’m not sure I want to do Eurovision again, and he [Albert’s manager] said “Don’t worry, I think you’re probably not going to succeed, you’re not completely Polish.””

Albert continued:

“But I still didn’t want to go but I couldn’t say it because it would just be impolite.”

After winning his semi final, Albert performed the song “Lucy”, co-written by fellow Eurovision alumni Cesar Sampson, JOWST and Lasse Piirainen in the Grand Final.

“I made the final and I was just praying, please let me be second or third because I didn’t want to ruin my Eurovision experience with “Friend of a Friend” and the first time magic [of it].”

When asked if there’s a likelihood we would see him again at the contest, Albert said:

“What I might be doing more is songwriting for someone else or taking part in the Eurovision world from a different angle.”

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