Internal politics could block Petra Mede Eurovision return

Two-time Eurovision host Petra Mede could be ruled out of presenting the contest in 2024 due to internal broadcaster politics. 

Mede hosted Eurovision in 2013 and 2016 when the contest was held in Malmö and Stockholm respectively. 

Petra Mede hosting Eurovision in 2013 | Image – EBU

On those occasions she was employed by SVT, Sweden’s participating broadcaster in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, Mede is now employed by SVT’s main competitor, TV4. 

Speaking to The Euro Trip, Tobbe Ek, journalist for Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper Aftonbladet, said: “Internal politics within SVT would make it a little bit tough to have somebody working for the main competitor come over for just a one time gig. 

“If they can get her and Måns (Zelmerlöw) doing it together again, that might make it a little bit easier for SVT to swallow.” 

Zelmerlöw co-hosted the contest in 2016 with Mede, 12 months after his victory in Vienna that brought Eurovision back to Sweden for the second time in three years. 

Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede during Eurovision 2016 | Image – EBU

“That might sway the internal politics,” Ek added. 

“Understanding that if they do this, this is what the fans really, really wish and hope for.” 

Both Mede and Zelmerlöw are fan-favourites, and were voted the most popular Eurovision hosts of the 2010s. 

When she spoke exclusively to The Euro Trip in 2021, Mede didn’t rule out a return to Eurovision, saying: “I don’t close any doors.” 

Health issues

Another setback for fans hungry for Mede’s return is the 53-year-old’s health. 

In March, Ek told The Euro Trip: “She has so much trouble with her back. 

“This year she has had to pull out of hosting the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing because of her back problems. 

“I think taking on Eurovision again might not be feasible for her.”

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