Teya & Salena solo songs made top three in Austrian internal selection

Teya & Salena both submitted solo songs to Austria’s internal selection process for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

The duo were selected to represent Austria together by broadcaster ORF in December last year, but both of the singers could have represented their country as solo artists. 

Speaking to The Euro Trip, Teya said: “We had solo songs in the selection as well. 

“Salena had a solo song in, I had a solo song in, then we had a song together.”

Teya & Salena’s solo efforts both made the top three in ORF’s internal process to select Austria’s 2023 Eurovision song, beaten only by the song they’ll take to Liverpool next month. 

The duo’s song, Who The Hell Is Edgar?, was written at a songwriting camp last year with the initial intention of just making the other artists at the camp laugh at the end of the day. 

After receiving a positive reaction from their fellow songwriters to their song, Teya & Salena’s manager recommended they submit it to ORF. 

“It started getting serious in November,” Teya added. 

“In December we found out it was going to be this song and in January we finished the song in Switzerland.”

Teya & Salena will perform Who The Hell Is Edgar? in the second Semi Final in Liverpool on May 11.

Featured image – ORK / Roman Zach-Kiesling

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