Tvorchi inspired by Ruslana on Eurovision journey

Tvorchi feel inspired by “pioneer” Ruslana on their journey to represent Ukraine in Liverpool in May. 

The band secured the right to represent Ukraine in December last year after winning Vidbir. 

Vocalist Jimoh Augustus Kehinde – who goes by the stage name Jeffery Kenny – and composer Andrii Hutsuliak met Ukraine’s first Eurovision winner Ruslana for the first time at the Barcelona Eurovision Party in March. 

Kenny said: “She gave us very nice pieces of advice and we will take that closely as we move forward towards the finals. 

“It’s such an inspiring moment to see someone who has been a pioneer from winning the competition for the country [Ukraine]. 

“It’s amazing to see how she’s grown throughout the years and just grown to be such a great person in and out. We appreciate her words of advice.” 

When Ruslana won Eurovision in 2004, she was Ukraine’s second only Eurovision representative after the country debuted in the contest just one year prior. 

Ruslana remains a favourite of many Eurovision fans and her winning performance is special for Hutsuliak. 

He said: “The first time I met Eurovision I was a kid and it was 2004. 

“I saw [the] performance of Ruslana with Wild Dances. I was like: ‘What is this?’. I was very shocked. 

“That was some special moment for me meeting this person in real life.” 

Tvorchi will perform in 19th place in the Eurovision Grand Final on May 13.

Featured image – UA:PBC / Michael Fedorak

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