No jury in ESCZ a strategic decision

The decision not to have a jury vote in the Czech Republic’s national selection was part of a strategy by the country’s Head of Delegation. 

Kryštof Šámal made the choice to omit the jury vote from ESCZ in direct response to Eurovision’s Semi-Finals in May being decided by 100% televote. 

Instead, the winner of ESCZ will be decided by a 70/30 split between votes from international and national fans. 

“Eurovision is not having a jury in the Semi-Finals [this year],” Šámal said. 

“It makes no sense for us to have a jury in such a competition. The Czech team that selects the finalists is a jury that curates the songs. 

“We would like to pick the song that has the best chance to succeed with the public because our goal is always to advance to the Grand Final. 

“It’s a strategic decision.” 

Šámal was speaking exclusively to The Euro Trip moments after ESCZ, a show that podcast hosts Rob Lilley and James Rowe co-presented. 

The Euro Trip’s Rob Lilley and James Rowe | Image – The Euro Trip

The winner of ESCZ will be announced on February 7. 

ESCZ was the Czech Republic’s first live national selection for 15 years, but the event nearly didn’t happen. 

“Czech Television is in a very complicated situation right now [as it] needs to save a lot of money,” Šámal said. 

“I wouldn’t have been surprised if Eurovision didn’t happen this year, but gladly it did. 

“We were one of the shows that stayed which shows the dedication that we have in the contest. I hope the people appreciate that we are trying our best and sending another round of cool music.”

Featured image – Head of Delegation Kryštof Šámal (left)| Image – The Euro Trip

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