Tone Sekelius aiming for Melfest victory with ‘risky’ participation

Melodifestivalen sophomore Tone Sekelius has said she is aiming to win the competition this year and has a song she thinks is risky, but a genuine contender. 

Sekelius is taking part in Melfest for the second time after making her debut with the song My Way in 2022, placing fifth overall. 

She is returning this year with Rhythm Of My Show, written in collaboration with Dino Medanhodzic, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt and Anderz Wrethov – the latter with whom she wrote My Way

Asked by The Euro Trip what her goal for 2023 is, she said: “The goal is always to win. 

“The goal was to win last year as well. You can have a lot of goals doing this. Last year was representing the trans community, being part of the competition and fulfilling a dream. This year it’s the same thing but winning is a big part of it. 

“I’m going into this competition wanting to win with a song that I think is a possible contender for first place.” 

When she debuted in Sweden’s biggest television show last year, Sekelius was the first trans person to compete in the competition’s history. 

“Doing this as the first trans person in Melodifestivalen’s history was a big moment, not only for me but for the whole community. I will forever be very grateful for the chance and the opportunity.” 

Sekelius made the decision almost immediately after last year’s Melfest final that she wanted to return. However, she conceded that something needed to be different. 

“I wanted to [show] another side of me. I didn’t want to do My Way 2.0 because I think if you have a great song and people loved the song and the number, it should have its own moment, it should have its own era. 

“Coming back the year after and doing a My Way-esque kind of number again, I don’t think that is the way to go. You should showcase another part of you and take a risk – that’s what we’re doing this year. 

“It’s going to be very exciting with the dancing and the number, but also to see if the people watching will love it as much as I do. I really feel that this will be a complement to last year.” 

Sekelius will open the first heat of Melfest 2023 on Saturday night.

Featured image – Janne Danielsson / SVT

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