Liverpool Councillor recommends fans stay outside of city for Eurovision

A Liverpool Assistant Mayor and Councillor has recommended struggling Eurovision fans to seek hotel accommodation outside of the city centre next May. 

Councillor Harry Doyle, who also acts as an Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member for Culture & Visitor Economy at Liverpool City Council, made the suggestion on Sunday’s episode of The Euro Trip. 

Liverpool was revealed as the host city of Eurovision 2023 on Friday and within minutes hotels across the city were fully booked, leaving eager fans frustrated. 

“You’ve got to remember that we’re a small city and very walkable,” Coun Harry Doyle said. 

“We’ve got all of our close neighbours around us on the Wirral, Birkenhead, St Helens, Southport is obviously gorgeous. There’s loads of places around Liverpool that are really easy to get to from the city. Merseyrail is constantly voted the best rail service in the UK. 

“We have got enough hotel capacity in the city region, but have a look around if you’re struggling to get some accommodation in the city centre. If you do go to the Wirral you’ll have the absolute pleasure, I’m sure, of getting the Mersey ferry over to the ferry terminal on our side of the river.” 

Some hopeful visitors have voiced their frustration about hotel availability on Twitter, with some showing how hotels have inflated their usual prices. 

Those who manage to make the trip to Liverpool for Eurovision next year will be able to make the most of the experience in the Eurovision Village. Coun Harry Doyle revealed that this will take place in an iconic, city centre location. 

“The city sells itself. When people are here they’ll see everything around them, it’s a beautiful city. 

“The Beatles statue is right on the waterfront, where we plan to have the Eurovision Village.” 

Public money

Part of Liverpool’s successful bid contained a commitment to use public funds to assist the hosting of the contest next May. 

“Of course this is public money,” Coun Harry Doyle confirmed. 

“While I can’t release at this moment what we’ve put in the bid as we’re still under NDA until Monday, it’s a smallish amount. It’s not what people are going to be expecting, I don’t think. 

“But, overall if you look at the messages online, the threads, news outlets, comments on Facebook and Twitter, people are just over the moon. Residents are over the moon. I’ve had a lot of my residents from Knotty Ash last night all just buzzing and made up.

You can listen to The Euro Trip on Acast, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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