Karin Gunnarsson “not the new Christer Björkman”

During an exclusive interview on the latest episode of The Euro Trip, Melodifestivalen Contest Producer Karin Gunnarsson admitted that she is “not the new Christer Björkman”.

Gunnarsson took over from Christer Björkman as Melodifestivalen Contest Producer earlier this year after the singer-turned-producer left SVT after two decades.

Speaking to The Euro Trip presenter James Rowe, Gunnarsson said: “We are such a big team, and we’re such a great team, and Melodifestivalen is not the work of one person. There are so many important, talented TV makers in this circus.

“I am not Christer Bjökrman, I am not the new Christer Björkman. I’m doing the job of being the Contest Producer and I have a boss who says ‘this is what we want you to do’ and I try to fulfil that as good as I can”.

Karin Gunnarsson was speaking in her first English-language interview since former Contest Producer Christer Björkman left Swedish broadcaster SVT earlier in 2021.

Speaking about life at SVT after Björkman’s exit, Gunnarsson said: “I guess I have had a little more on my plate but Christer, just having him around here, of course he has ideas and has an impact but I have mainly done the work with the artists [over the last two years].

But now when he is not here there is more to do – but maybe it’s a little easier maybe (she laughs). There’s so many great people working here for Melodifestivalen, there’s always a lot to do, the workload is pretty much the same for me. I miss him at the office.”

Gunnarsson also revealed that she does remain in contact with Björkman, a man whom she worked with for four years.

“I sent him a text when I was done with the 28 artists. When I nailed the last one I sent him a text ‘28 ✅’ so then he answered and we just texted each other back and forth”.

Karin Gunnarsson is in her first year as Contest Producer for Melodifestivalen. Prior to this role she was Assistant Competition Producer from 2017-2021.

Image Credit: SVT

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