Daði Freyr’s Eurovision Entry “A Lot More Disco” According To ‘Straumar’ Host

Speaking in the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, the presenter of music programme ‘Straumar’ has revealed what to expect from Iceland’s 2021 Eurovision entry.

“10 Years” will be debuted on Saturday night, with Freyr Eyjolfsson telling presenter Rob Lilley what to expect from Daði’s new entry.

Freyr has heard the entry three times, and explained how it compares to previous entry “Think About Things”.

“There’s similarity but they’re different.”

“The new song is more disco, I would say it is like Stevie Wonder and Barry White walk into a bar, and there they meet Kraftwerk and Daft Punk and they write a song together and perform it.”

Last year Iceland were favourites to win the 2020 contest before it’s cancellation, with Daði og Gagnamagnið since becoming a viral hit as a result of a dance craze on video sharing app TikTok.

In the interview the Icelandic TV host went on to reveal the song will also be performed with a live band on Saturday.

“It’s more disco, it’s more dancey.”

“When I first heard the new song it went straight into my feed, it’s very dancey.”

Image Credit: RUV

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