‘Audio Enhancement’ could be used if no audience allowed inside Ahoy Arena – Martin Österdahl

Speaking in a exclusive interview with The Euro Trip podcast, Eurovision Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl has said ‘audio enhancement’ could be used to help compensate for crowd noise if no audiences are allowed to attend the contest in May.

Appearing on the bonus episode of podcast released earlier today, Mr Österdahl said the various national selections held around Europe had shown the importance of having a live audience where possible.

“It’s really interesting watching all the national selections that are taking place, you do realise how much a live audience means to these shows.”

“We’ve always known it, but it becomes very obvious.”

Earlier this week new Health and Safety Protocols were revealed by the organisers, who say they are aiming for a socially distanced crowd inside the Ahoy Arena.

Rotterdam Ahoy, the venue for Eurovision 2021

This is something Mr Österdahl believes is possible.

“We’re hopeful we will have some kind of audience or some people in front of the stage, it means a lot to the show.”

Should the Covid-19 situation change however, he revealed there are plans in place to replicate the atmosphere brought by fans.

“If that [an audience] would be impossible, we are of course looking at how to compensate for that, with things like clever television technology, and things like audio enhancement, and all the other things we’ve been used to seeing in live television today.”

Image Credit: Eurovision.tv / Thomas Hanses / ASM Global

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