Mia Dimšić worried she’ll ‘faint’ at thought of Eurovision stage

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip Podcast, Croatian representative Mia Dimšić has revealed she won’t look at pictures of the stage that will greet her in Turin.

In an interview with host Rob Lilley, he asked the Croatian singer whether she was daunted at the thought of performing on the Pala Alpitour stage.

“I’m telling you I’m still not completely aware of it, because if I start to become aware of it I’m going to faint, and then we’ll have a problem.

“This stage looks so fairytale-like I feel like one could do so much on that stage…

The stage for this year’s contest was designed by artist and stage designer Francesca Montinaro, and features ‘the Sun within’ – an ambitious new stage concept based on the movements and light of a kinetic sun.

Image Credit: EBU / Francesca Montinaro

When asked about her own stage performance, Mia said she hoped the song would retain the same intimate feel it had when she performed at Dora earlier this year.

“You don’t want to do too much, over-do it. You definitely still want it to be in the spirit of your song.

“I’m going to use a very little square surface of that stage… I only hope I won’t get too scared when I stand on a huge stage like that… but there are lots of rehearsals.”

Croatia will perform in the second-half of the first semi-final on 10th May, and you can listen to the full chat with Mia on this week’s episode of The Euro Trip.

Feature Image Credit: HRT

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