Eurovision 2012 hosts didn’t know they had been selected until EBU press conference

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, 2012 co-host Narguiz Birk-Peterson has described the moment she discovered she’d be presenting the contest.

In an interview with host Rob Lilley, Narguiz explained the news came after a trip abroad to meet with organisers of the previous year’s contest.

“We were in Germany meeting with Anke [2011 host]… people helping organise the event. At that point know nothing right.

“We fly back from Germany to Baku and I meet an EBU representative on the plane, and I said ‘do you know when they are planning to select us’ and he said ‘I don’t know'”

Indeed it wasn’t until April, the month before the contest, that the hosts finally learned they had been selected, and only after an EBU press conference had made the announcement.

“Then we land and my phone goes bazerk…

“I spoke to him [the EBU representative] and he said ‘they had a press conference and they announced you guys’.”

Narguiz explained in the interview that once decision had been made she stayed in Baku until after the contest, leaving her family behind in Copenhagen where they were living at the time.

She also revealed they moved her into a hotel to help her concentrate fully on preperations for the show, which eventually saw Sweden’s Loreen win the contest with “Euphoria”.

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