Gebrasy’s Into Your Arms originally planned to compete in 2021

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip, Eurovision hopeful Gebrasy has revealed that his song Into Your Arms was originally considered for inclusion in the Lithuanian selection for 2021.

Gebrasy, who is due to take part in Pabandom iš Naujo this month, finished as runner up to The Roop in the same competition 12 months ago with the song Where’d You Wanna Go, but has revealed that he almost competed with his 2022 entry Into Your Arms.

“This song has been in and about for more than a year and I actually thought I would use it last year, but things [didn’t] work out like that.

Explaining why he chose to save the song for 2022, Gebrasy said: “I was writing a lot of music for myself and other artists and Where’d You Wanna Go came up and I thought I really wanted to perform that song as well and if I didn’t take it, perhaps one other artist would pick it up.

Gebrasy added: “So I chose to just to save it in my catalogue of my songs I guess and Into Your Arms got pushed back to this year.”

Talking about the songwriting process for Into Your Arms, Gebrasy said: “I wrote it very spontaneously. We were chatting with a friend of mine and she said “I think I’m going to perhaps go to the piano and write a song right now, and I thought “Okay, perhaps I should do that too because I’m not doing anything important right now.”

He continued: “I found the chords, I found the melody, it happened so fast. So I recorded the backing vocals as well for a demo version and everything just came together so nicely. I think it was the second song I showed my producer Faustas Venckus that I was working with.

When asked by presenter of The Euro Trip James Rowe whether he regretted taking part in 2021 while having to compete against The Roop, Gebrasy said: “I had Into Your Arms in the back of my head and just thought “Just you wait people, I have more than one good song, just believe in me, I know what I’m doing.””

Image Credit: J. Stacevičiaus/LRT

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