We Are Domi taking fans’ advice for Eurovision staging

Czech Republic’s Eurovision representatives We Are Domi have revealed that they are listening to ideas suggested by fans to influence their staging at the contest in May. 

Singer Dominika Hašková, guitarist Casper Hatlestad and keyboard player Benjamin Rekstad all joined presenters Rob Lilley and James Rowe on the latest episode of The Euro Trip for their first in-depth interview since winning the Czech national selection in December. 

Asked if the band had decided what their staging at Eurovision in Turin will look like, Rekstad said: “Nothing fully concrete yet. We’re experimenting with all the thoughts that come up. We’re just brainstorming then we’re gonna shape it more. 

“We’ve had some meetings with people and we are definitely starting to get something.” 

Expanding on her band mate’s comments, Hašková said: “And it’s also nice seeing what the fans kinda want to see as well. In a way I  kind of feel like they get it. 

“So hopefully we don’t let you guys down, but I think the fans are gonna see something they’re gonna be happy with.”

We Are Domi won the right to represent Czech Republic at Eurovision in May during an online selection event last month. The band topped both the international jury vote and the online fan vote. 

Casper Hatlestad from the band was more open about what We Are Domi are looking for ahead of planning their staging, saying: “We see your comments. We know a few things about Eurovision of course but these people who are commenting and are saying ‘I’ve been watching Eurovision for 11 years, I think they should do this’. 

“We’re taking all the advice commented on our YouTube video. We’re reading through all of it. So if you’ve got any ideas please comment.” 

Image credit – We Are Domi

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