From designing sofas to representing her country?

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Romanian Eurovision hopeful Alina Amon has described her hopes and dreams of presenting her nation in Turin later this year.

This week she was revealed as one of the 46 entries in the running to represent her country with the song “Without You”. But her potential appearance on the Eurovision stage is a long way from her day job as he told presenter Rob Lilley.

“I started playing [music] as a child, then in my teenage years I started writing my own music. Then Uni[versity] happened and I had to decide between design and music, so I started studying that, and my music became a bit of a hobby.”

Alina went on to study design at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, before returning to Romania when she was offered full-time work.

“I got a job as a furniture designer and I’ve started designing sofas. It’s really amazing and interesting and I fell in love with it.”

“Then I said I’ll give my music a chance.”

She is no stranger to music with her Mum performing as a musician and singer for many decades, with Alina describing her style as acoustic.

“When it comes to Eurovision I’ve always watched this competition, and I loved it.”

“The broadcaster [TVR] answered my email on 2nd December, and the deadline was the 19th, so I only had two weeks to come up with a song! So it was quite a race… magic happened.”

Image Credit: PRO TV

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