Andrius Pojavis “surprised” he was chosen to represent Lithuania at Eurovision

On the latest episode of The Euro Trip, Andrius Pojavis has admitted that he was “surprised” that the Lithuanian public and jury selected his song to represent the nation at Eurovision.

Pojavis won Eurovizijos dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka (National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest) with the self-penned song Something.

Speaking to The Euro Trip presenter Rob Lilley, Pojavis said: “I was really surprised they chose the song…I wasn’t the most excited about the song,” adding: “It all happened very unexpectedly.”

Pojavis represented Lithuania at Eurovision in 2013 when the contest was hosted in Malmö, Sweden. He finished 22nd in the Grand Final with 17 points having qualified from the first Semi Final in ninth place.

Discussing his experience during the two weeks in Malmö, Pojavis said: “I wasn’t really paying attention to it, I wasn’t prepared. It was great, it helped me, but I really wasn’t prepared.

“At the time I was living in Italy, so I was flying here, then I also had a daughter who was three or four months old. It was a hurricane. It wasn’t the problem of the people who selected me, that was my personal feelings as so many things were happening at once.”

Pojavis did concede he did have a positive experience regardless of his circumstances: “It was a great experience for sure.”

Image Credit: Albin Olsson

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