Valentina Monetta declined invitation to represent San Marino in 2022

Speaking on the latest episode The Euro Trip and in a very rare media appearance, Valentina Monetta has revealed that she declined an invitation to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2022.

Monetta has represented the nation on four previous occasions, three times in a row from 2012-2014 and again in 2017 alongside Jimmie Wilson.

When asked by presenter James Rowe if a record breaking fifth appearance is on the cards, Monetta said:

“This year they said “you can be part of the contest” but right now I don’t think it’s a moment for me to consider any of these requests.”

SMRTV, the Sammarinese broadcaster is planning a national selection show to be held during December 2021 and February 2022.

Providing more information, Monetta added:

“I was expecting to be part of a jury, not part of the contest. Because it doesn’t make any sense for me to take part in a national selection to be part of Eurovision again.”

Monetta continued, suggesting she would participate again if she was internally selected:

“Of course I have to be considered equally but I’m not feeling like it [right now]. After so much time since representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest, I’m not feeling like I need to do a pre-selection. I’m never a diva but I would like special treatment.”

“I asked the delegation if they want me as a judge and to be a part of selecting the artist so for now I’m just supporting what they do. For now I’m not gonna take part in a pre-selection to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s not in my plan.”

Valentina Monetta also spoke about her previous appearances at Eurovision, revealing the remarkably quick time she was chosen to return in 2013. When asked when she was chosen to represent San Marino in 2013, Monetta said:

“Almost immediately. The day after we’d done the semi final, we saw the results and they cast me immediately. [The said] “we want to still work with you and believe we can do something amazing.””

Similarly, she says the same process happened after the semi final in 2013 as SMRTV made plans for 2014:

“[They chose me] immediately. Year by year, the contract was already prepared. They just decided to believe in me.”

Image Credit: Albin Olsson

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