JOWST tried to enter Eurovision 2021, planning return in 2022

Speaking on the latest episode The Euro Trip, JOWST has revealed that he tried to enter a song into the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

JOWST, alongside Aleksander Walmann, represented Norway at Eurovision in 2017 after winning Melodi Grand Prix with the song Grab The Moment.

Speaking to presenter James Rowe, JOWST said:

“I actually tried this year to make a song for a certain country who needed a song and it turned out to be a really nice song. I made that one with Lasse Piirainen (Norma John) from Finland and Jana Burčeska from Macedonia 2017. I think that song will be a Eurovision song somehow, sometime.”

When asked which country he was writing for, JOWST was very secretive:

“I think it’s gonna be a secret.”

The music producer, who has entered three songs into Melodi Grand Prix to date added more about his desire to return to the Contest:

“I still have a dream about winning Eurovision. Not as an artist, that would be harder, but as a songwriter I think it’s possible.”

I’ve been working on music with Eurovision in mind. And there’s a few songs that are made for Eurovision that I’ve been making that haven’t been released, that maybe will be a Eurovision song sometime, somehow in the future.”

Speaking about his plans for the rest of 2021 and beyond, he added:

“A goal that I have is to make a song for Eurovision 2022. I’m not gonna try super hard, but I’ll just casually make a few nice songs and casually try to find an artist that’s looking for those types of songs and see if it could happen the right way.”

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