Barbara Pravi Reveals Plans for Different Staging in Rotterdam

Speaking in the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, French representative Barbara Pravi has given more information about what we can expect from her Eurovision performance of ‘Voila’.

As one of the ‘Big Five’ France are automatic qualifiers to the Grand Final, and Barbara explained her performance will look different than that which viewers saw during the French National Final in January.

“It is going to be not the same… it is important to be focused on what I say and my face. When I sing with all my body, my face, my eyes…”

“It’s very important to be focused on the energy.”

Presenter James Rowe then asked if a certain Parisian landmark would feature, as is often the case with France at Eurovision.

“Sorry for all the people that want to see the Eiffel Tower [as part of the staging], it will not be the case.”

France have never performed a song entirely in English at Eurovision, and that isn’t going to change this year as Barbara added…

“Not because I don’t like English, but my… artistic way is French song, maybe in the future I will translate it.”

“It was so important for me to sing in French, this is absolutely the authenticity of who I am.”

France finished in 16th place at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, and will perform in this year’s Grand Final on 22nd May.

Image Credit: FTV / Joel Sagat

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