UK Eurovision Press “Cannot Continue To Mock” The Contest And Expect Good Results – Christer Björkman

The man responsible for turning Sweden into a Eurovision powerhouse has given this thoughts on the UK’s participation on a special episode of The Euro Trip podcast.

Speaking about what it could take to turn around the UK’s poor results, the Melodifestivalen Supervisor and six-time Eurovision Producer Christer Björkman explained his belief that the United Kingdom could improve things.

“Absolutely, if we [Sweden] can do it anyone can do it – we had huge problems in the 1990s with this competition.”

“It’s funny when you look at it, it’s so easy to lose grip of it, you think you’ have it, you think you understand, but then you take a detour.”

In the last decade Sweden have an average finishing position of 4th place in the Grand Final, compare that to the UK, who have failed to reach the top ten since 2009.

When asked what changes were needed, he shared his view that it was the BBC that held the key to improving their country’s form.

“If only they [the BBC] can find someone who is so passionate about it and understands it… who knows the market inside and out and can reach out to the right people and the right composers, and record labels and management.”

Christer also explained the UK press are also partly to blame for the unwelcome record, and their attitude puts artists off competing at the contest.

“You cannot continue to mock it, as that will never open up for something serious. “

James Newman will represent the UK in Rotterdam with his song “Embers” and is automatically qualified for the Grand Final to be held on 22nd May 2021.

Image Credit: BBC

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