Final Details Decided For American Song Contest, Las Vegas Possible Host City

Speaking on the latest episode of The Euro Trip podcast, Christer Björkman has given further updates about the upcoming American Song Contest.

Earlier this month, Mr. Björkman revealed that the American Song Contest had been pushed back to 2022, but has now said all the details have been put into writing.

During an interview last week with Rob Lilley, released today on The Euro Trip, Mr. Björkman said:

“It’s moving closer and closer as we speak. We have agreed on a lot of things, almost everything, and the last little details will be put into writing by Monday [today].”

An American version of the Eurovision Song Contest was mooted back in 2006, but ultimately failed to be produced. When asked if the new American Song Contest would definitely happen, Björkman said:

“It will happen, I’m very very sure now. We have a pandemic, there are things that can happen that we can’t foresee but if things develop the way they are right now, it should be on air next year.”

The format of the show was announced last year, but Christer expanded and said it will be influenced by both Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest:

“It will be a mix of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision because the qualification period is probably something like five weeks to cover all the states and that will be very similar to what we do here in Sweden. Then it goes into a Eurovision mode which is two semi-finals and a final. And those will be upscaled looks-wise.”

A host city has not yet been announced, but when asked about possibilities, Björkman said:

“It’s under discussion, but it could be [Las] Vegas, that’s been talked about a lot. It could be Tampa or Orlando.”

You can hear the full interview with Christer Björkman on today’s bonus episode of The Euro Trip.

Image Credit: Visit Las Vegas

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